Everything you wanted to know about Parenting, but didn't know who to ask!
29th September 2017, RDS


Everything you wanted to know about parenting,

but didn't know who to ask!! 

Confused about all the decisions you have to make as a parent on a daily basis?! 

You're not alone!!

Join us at the Parenting Expo where you'll have the opportunity to ask those questions and obtain some of that information!

From the organisers of the 

"Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit"...

comes Ireland's First Ever 

Parenting Expo!

Where you, the parents can obtain information and education about a wide range of areas on raising children and teens aged 4 - 18 years and the challenges faced in today's busy and demanding lives.

This event is about YOU and is to help YOU make life a little easier by providing some of the answers you're looking for and to help with some of the decisions you need to make on a daily basis.

So come along, enjoy the day, ask the questions and get to meet other parents in the same situation as you.

To learn more, contact us today!

Topics covered include: 

  • How to manage social media
  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • How to decide on schools and aftercare
  • How to motivate study 
  • Further education decisions
  • Sports and Summer camps
  • Socialising safely
  • Mindfulness for kids
  • How to make time for yourself
  • Challenges in the Teenage Years
  • How to teach coping skills and resilience
  • Getting the most out of family time